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Spotlight Playhouse is pleased to announce


Bill W. and Dr. Bob by Samuel Shem & Janet Surrey!

Open call auditions will be held March 12 at 6 PM and March 13 at 7 PM

All performances will be held in the new Pike School auditorium from June 2nd through the 10th in Andover, MA.



Bill W. and Dr. Bob is the inspiring and often humorous story of the two men who pioneered Alcoholics Anonymous, and their supportive wives, who founded Al Anon.


BILL WILSON 30’s – 40’s range. Tall, Lanky with a commanding presence. A brilliant stockbroker, Bill is described as “someone who could talk a dog off a meat wagon.” Alcoholic, who through his struggles and association with Dr. Bob, founds the first 12 step program. Vermont born.

DR. BOB SMITH 50’s range. Also Vermont born. Witty and wry in his down home way. A surgeon, who is also a desperate drunk and with Bill Wilson, founds Alcoholics Anonymous

LOIS WILSON 30’s 40’s Petite, attractive, self-possessed, slightly older than Bill. A long suffering wife, who has been put through he ringer by her husband, ultimately sticks by him and helps with the 12-step program’s beginnings

ANNE SMITH A short, solid no-nonsense woman in her mid 50’s. Very religious, and equally as long-suffering as Lois. Helps with the 12-step program’s beginnings

2 -3 Men 30’s to 60’s To Play Various Supporting Roles:
MAN – Simple working class fellow, New Yorker
EBBY THATCHER – Well groomed, sober, alert, glowing with confidence
DR SILKWORTH – Hospital Doctor
T HENRY – Rich Man
REVEREND TUNKS – Episcopal Reverend on the phone
FRANK SULLIVAN – Very drunk man on phone
NORMAN SHEPARD – In a hurry guy on the phone
DR LLOYD – Drunk surgeon
EDDIE – Crazed and fierce drunk
BILLY DOTSON – Hung over in hospital bed (southern accent)

2-3 Women 30’s to 60’s To Play Various Supporting Roles:
WAITRESS – Attractive, flirty, heavy Brooklyn accent
HENRIETTA – In charge gal, leader of the Oxford Group in Akron Ohio
MYRNA – Working class women dressed provocatively
RUTHIE – Attractive and intelligent, and scared
HEN – Sassy, long suffering with broad, lower class southern accent